philPhilip L. Yasenak, President

Philip is a CPA at Wipfli LLP in Missoula Montana. He is a retired Army Veteran who served in Iraq. Philip has a 6 year old son who has Down syndrome and has always wanted a better connection with the Down syndrome community. He is passionate about helping parents and the community understand the disability and he has a desire to reach out to help these children. Philip wants to see these children succeed in all areas and he is willing to go above and beyond to make sure his son and other individuals with Down syndrome get everything possible to make their lives easier. Contact Philip:

Rachelle Professional PictureRachelle Stone, Vice President/Treasurer

Rachelle is a CPA serving as Client Accounting Manager at the Montana and Idaho Community Development Corporation. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Accounting as well as her Masters of Accountancy from the University of Montana. Rachelle joined the Board in May 2015 and has enjoyed using her accounting and financial skills to help grow the organization. She feels very blessed to have this opportunity to get to know all of the amazing individuals and families.

Rachelle grew up in Missoula and was raised with an avid love for her community and all things Montana. Outside of work, Rachelle enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and fiance, Travis (who has volunteered to manage the MTDSA website), hiking with their two dogs. Contact Rachelle:

katie_seamanKatie Seaman, Secretary

Katie is a native Missoulian who graduated from Hellgate High School and attended both University of
Montana and Montana State University earning a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a certificate in
forensic science. Katie spends her days selling beer across the western half of Montana as the Sales Manager for Draught Works Brewery. She had multiple classmates at a young
age with Down syndrome, and the lasting impression they left on her is what inspired her to become
involved with MTDSA. She looks forward to using her connections to all sorts of people throughout the
community to bring attention to the cause. Katie spends her free time with her family and friends
attending Grizzly athletic events, going to concerts, playing volleyball, softball and golf and is a regular
platelet donor for the Missoula Red Cross. Contact Katie:

karenKaren Bailey, Immediate Past President

Karen is the mother of Alyssa, an adult with Down syndrome, who lives independently in a condo with support. Karen has been in the education field for 27 years, both as a teacher and administrator. She has been a fierce advocate for people with Down syndrome since Alyssa’s birth in 1990 and continues to be active on a state and national level with disability advocacy organizations. Karen in the mother of two other adult children, both of whom are in college and are very active in Alyssa’s life. Karen lives in Missoula with her husband, Nick. Contact Karen:

Kelly Johnson, Director

Kelly is the mother of Shelley, who blessed her family in October 1994. Shelley was born with Down syndrome and is an amazing young adult who has overcome and still deals with many medical issues. Kelly and Shelley live together in Missoula.

Kelly has worked for the Child Development Center for 19 years as the Direct Care Staff Recruiter and Human Resource Coordinator. Kelly has been involved in the Developmental Disability Field on a local, state and national level. She is a strong advocate for all individuals who have a developmental disability. Kelly also provides Respite care in their home for individuals who have a disability.

Kelly started a business a year ago for Shelley, Shelly’s Sodas and Snacks, to ensure employment doing something she enjoys. Shelley’s Sodas and Snacks has vending machines and honor boxes filled with snacks and sodas at many local businesses. Kelly feels so lucky to have Shelley as a daughter and to be part of the world of Down syndrome. Contact Kelly:

Erin, Director

Erin is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist at Community Medical Center in Missoula. She received her Master’s in Communication Disorders from Eastern Washington University- Spokane in 2008. She has worked at Community Medical Center since her graduation. She looks forward to bringing her skills and knowledge about special services and support for families to the Down syndrome association. Erin grew up in Missoula and graduated from Hellgate High School. She is married and has a 2 year old son, Luke. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing, going to Grizzly football games and skiing. Contact Erin:

jessieJessie Crowley, Community Outreach Coordinator

Jessie is the owner of 5 Crow Photo, mother of 3 beautiful children, and wife to Austin. While she holds a strong passion for photography, her true love is her family, and she strives to make her priorities reflect that. Jessie and Austin’s children range in the ages of 14 to 5. She and her husband decided to have their second child when they were 26 years old and were blessed with their son, Jacob, who was born with Down syndrome. While they were faced with a great deal of challenges that can come with raising a child with Down syndrome, Jessie and her husband have always been Jacob’s greatest advocates. When presented the opportunity to be a member of the Montana Down Syndrome Association Jessie knew she wanted to be involved without question. She is thrilled to have a chance to make a difference, help build a brighter future, and to see what tommorow holds for Montana’s involvement with this cause. A personal goal of hers is involving art and self awareness to help inclusion and celebration of differences in all individuals. Contact Jessie:

Kelsey, Intern

Kelsey is a local Missoulian who graduated from Big Sky High School. She is currently finishing her senior year at the University of Montana to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology, a minor in sociology, as well as a minor in human family development. She plans on taking a year once she graduates then pursuing her dream to become a school psychologist. Kelsey has grown up with a passion to help people which led her to become an intern with the MTDSA. In her free time Kelsey is very involved with her sorority Alpha Phi, likes to travel, and enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She really looks forward to her experience as a member of the Montana Down Syndrome Association and hopes to make long lasting connections with people in the Montana community. Contact Kelsey: